I’ve figured that the first post on the blog should probably say a little about the person behind the screen, so here it goes!

Hi guys! My name is Keeley, and I am a 23-year-old single mom living in a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada. I’ve been a full-time reseller formally since October 2017. This certainly isn’t how I imagined life going but I’m trying to make the most out of every second.

Me and my girl

My daughter was born April 2017 via emergency c-section. This was unexpected and something I had zero preparation for.  Having that dramatic of an entry to the world coupled with a few outstanding health issues made the thought of leaving her side nearly unbearable to me. A few months later in October her father and I parted ways, and this left me (to put it lightly) in a predicament.

This new situation I found myself in was terrifying. A six-month-old baby to feed and diaper, bills that aren’t going to stop coming, no traditional job to return to, and no other income other than the monthly Family Allowance, I knew I had to create a game plan immediately. It blows my mind every time I think about how fast all of these events happened leading up to the opening of my store and how fast everything has happened since, but as Smash Mouth eloquently stated in their song “All Star”, the years start coming and they don’t stop coming.

Thrifting is something I have always loved to do, and fashion is something that has always been close to my heart. Ever since I was in middle school, I have found it so exciting to create a new outfit to wear, combining different pieces to express myself. So, imagine my surprise as I swiped through thrifted finds on Instagram and seen someone had a thrift haul that they were going to sell on eBay. What? People can make a business out of this? I had dabbled in what I discovered is called “reselling” before with a few very select pieces locally, but never even considered this could be a scalable venture. That first post launched me into hours of research, and I posted my first auction piece shortly after.

Having two months of experience on eBay by October, I decided that I might as well give reselling my very best shot and dove headfirst into entrepreneurship. I didn’t have anything to lose by starting a store and had to try something to support myself and my daughter.

Do I think I am the most qualified to talk about entrepreneurship? No, but I also don’t think anyone is.  I’m just looking to share my experiences and some of the tricks I have picked up along the way. Being self employed, being a single mom, even just being an adult can lonely and confusing and I know I love learning from what others do, so maybe someone might be able to gain something from what I’ve done.